Cooking Classes & Coaching

Looking for some inspiration in the kitchen?  Trying to implement more healthy choices in your diet?  Looking to learn some basic cooking techniques?  Want someone to help you navigate a farmer's market or new grocery store?

Amiable Kitchen is so much more than just a blog where I post recipes and kitchen mishaps and Jane Austen quotes.  My goal is to help others embrace cheerful cookery and a healthy lifestyle.

{Cooking Classes}
Spend a morning, afternoon or evening learning cooking techniques and how to make healthy food taste delectable (it is possible!).  We can develop a class based on your preferences--exploring different spice profiles, a specific meal-of-the-day (breakfasts, lunches, dinners or desserts--yes, desserts can be a meal), healthy snacks or easy entertaining.  Invite your friends and loved ones.  Let's have a party!

{Healthy-Eating Springboard Session}  
Need help embracing healthy eating?  The Healthy-Eating Springboard Session can be a chat over coffee/tea, a pantry and fridge make-over or an individualized cooking lesson.  We'll cover menu-planning, eating healthy on a budget, and manageable steps to get you to where you want to be (Rome wasn't built in a day).  It's a process and I would love to walk alongside you as you make changes that will impact your life so greatly!

{Farmer's Market/Grocery Store Walk-Through}
Overwhelmed by your local Farmer's Market?  Trying to navigate your Whole Foods or Trader Joe's? Let's walk through it together and I can show you my handy tips/tricks/money-saving ideas.  Remember, healthy eating and living shouldn't be complicated or stressful...that defeats the purpose in my humble estimation.

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