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Welcome to Amiable Kitchen!

Amiable.  {adjective}.  Worthy of love; delightful or pleasing.

Kitchen.  {noun}.  The room of a house appropriated to cookery.

Cooking and food can be just that--utterly lovable and pleasing.  Here at Amiable Kitchen I embrace cheerful cookery with a dash of literary inspiration, a dollop of technique, double serving of healthy (most of the time), and a hearty helping of real life and dirty dishes.  I also share my gastronomic journeying as a recent transplant to Portland, Oregon.

My love of cooking began the day I made a sponge cake and quadrupled the butter due to my feeble multiplication skills at age 8.  Many moons and culinary adventures later (and some modifications in the butter department), I still love whipping up healthy, delicious meals in a jiffy and helping others discover that cooking doesn't have to be intimidating or time-consuming.  Let's roll up our sleeves and dig in to rediscover the delight of being in the kitchen.

I am a Pacific Northwesterner by way of Southern California. I love chocolate, family, running, garlic, parties, the great outdoors and BBC versions of literary tales (not necessarily in that order).

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