Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Fennel Fronds Feel Fancy

I've been on a quest to eat more vegetables. The crazy cool thing is that this quest has inspired me to get back into the kitchen and cook. It's been a weird summer for me and I haven't really felt like cooking much. I joke that I am on the Trader Joe's diet but it's not really a joke. Thank goodness my pal TJ bails me out weekly with my fav Indian entrees, bagged veggies and pre-cooked lentils. Yes, it's come to that. I don't even want to cook lentils.

Some friends (hi Paul, hi Pam!) were telling me about this delicious fennel salad recipe they have been enjoying this summer. And since I've been struggling with inspiration, I found the recipe and made a batch tonight.

Totally worth it.

Can I just say that fennel fronds feel fancy? And obviously I like to use alliteration.

This recipe was easy, although slicing snap peas into matchsticks is NOT for the faint of heart. Be careful, comrades, and keep those fingers safe.

The words that come to mind on this salad are "fresh" and "fragrant."  I'm not a HUGE licorice fan but the sweetness of the sugar snap peas really dials down the fennel. I added red pepper flakes and less oil than the recipe calls for. The recipe calls for salmon to sit on top of the delightful slaw but alas, I forgot to thaw salmon today. Keeping it real, folks, keeping it real. I have been trying to eat lighter suppers so just a bowl full of this salad is pretty much perfect.

Fennel & Sugar Snap Slaw
Adapted from Eating Well
*Serves 2 (unless you are dainty and eat like a bird)
*Prep time: 10 minutes
*Kitchen Gear Required: Cutting board, knife (and knife skills)

1 fennel bulb, sliced into matchsticks (reserve some fronds for garnish)
2 cups sugar-snap peas, sliced into matchsticks
1 Tbsp olive oil
1 lemon, juiced
2 Tbsp diced sweet onion
Salt & Pepper to taste
Dash of red pepper flakes

Ready, Set, Go!
1.  Combine olive oil, lemon juice, onion, salt & pepper in a medium bowl
2.  Slice fennel and sugar snap peas into matchsticks
3.  Toss fennel and peas in dressing
4.  Garnish with fennel fronds (please feel fancy as you do so) and red pepper flakes
5.  Enjoy!


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