Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Hello long lost lovelies!

Mercy, seems like time is just flying by these days.  We are in full-on "summer-is-here-and-we-better-not-miss-a-minute-of-this-sunshiny-goodness-so-let's-be-outside-doing-fun-stuff-ALL-the-time" mode.

While the spring flora and fauna was sublime, the big blue bursts of hydrangeas and the smell of warm fir trees baking in the sun really does my soul good.

Flowers in mason jars are really the best.  
My days have been full but so very rich.  Where to even begin!  P.S. Thankful for my lil cell phone camera...without it I would have zero photos of the last few months.  I'm feeling inspired to bust out the big guns and start taking My Big Camera out and about.  It's been living a sad and lonely existence in my closet.

Top 10 for May and June

#1 Strawberry Picking.  Firstly, time spent with family is so precious.  Secondly, time spent with family whilst picking strawberries is pretty darn spectacular and delicious.  We picked over 40 pounds of these red beauties and I froze 20 pounds and probably ate 10 pounds--totally worth it.

Sweet berries, you'll be a sight for sore eyes come December.
#2  Boston is totally cool and I kinda want to live there when I grow up.  A work trip led me to this wonderful city and I think I will save all the sightseeing details for a separate post.  Just because I have about a zillion photos of me in the Boston Public Garden reenacting scenes from Make Way For Ducklings. Robert McClosky would have been proud.

#3 Ok, I lied and I am going to talk about Boston some more.  Namely LOBSTER ROLLS.  Insane.  I really will stop now and save the rest for another post.

I swear this lobster roll had well over a pound of lobster in it.  And yep, I ate every morsel.
#4  Growing up I would come to Oregon almost every summer and I was always blown away by how verdant, lush and green it was.  It always seemed so temperate compared to sunny SoCal. I do remember one summer spent with my cousins where it was over 100 degrees and we pretty much ate watermelon, went swimming and then fired up the oven to bake scones (we couldn't help ourselves).   This summer has been glorious in the sunshine department but this week it went a little overboard.  It was in the high 90's yesterday and  90 degrees at 9 o'clock.  Not cool.  Thankfully I have some pretty rad cousins who let me sleep in their air-conditioned house.  

This photo was taken at 9 at night.  It stays so light for so long up here.
This is post my "I'm going to Winco because they have air conditioning and I need to buy
Cinnamon Chex because I love it so" moment.
#5:  My first race of the year.  1/2 Marathon PR (1:43:21) and 8th/145 in my age division.  Pretty stoked considering the course was WAY hilly. I've got at least 1-2 more half marathons in the mix for 2014 and my first full marathon in October.  That seemed really far away when I signed up in May but it is quickly approaching!  

I'm always so grateful when a race is over.
I was tempted to sit down right after I crossed the finish line
but figured that might impede other runners. 
#6-10:  My Trip to California.  Ok, this one is a doozy and really takes up the last 5 of my Top 10 List.  I headed to Cali after my Boston trip.  Pros:  Seeing the sibling kidlets knock it out of the park in their performances of The Wizard of Oz.  I mean, they lit up the stage!  They flew on wires!  They spoke in accents!  They danced with such precision and poise!  Spending time with my beloved family, going out for coffee, buying cute throw pillows with my Mama, a day with my sister eating yummo food at Julienne's in Pasadena and visiting a rose garden.  Cons:  Coming down with a ghastly sinus infection the day I arrived and finally agreeing to go to Urgent care only to discover I had a double ear infection.  Yuck and yuck.  I pretty much felt horrendous the entire time but my fam was so sweet to put up with me, Nyquil-induced haze and all.  

Beautiful roses in Pasadena.  I could hardly smell them in my stuffed up state.
At least they were purdy to look at!
This was the best (and that's not saying much) in a series of really epic failures for a picture.
"You have sick eyes," saith my sister.
I may or may not have walked around said rose garden with eucalyptus leaves
stuck in my nose in an attempt to reap aromatherapy benefits.
There might be a picture documenting this but there are privacy laws, etc.
The Steak Cobb @ Juliennes.  Mercy.  So delish.

There are things I'm for sure leaving having my first accordion lesson at a family reunion, some awesome new running spots, hiking in the Wallowas, finally making it to my first farmer's market of the season.  But it's late and I'd best bid you all adieu (to yer and yer and yer).

Cheerily (and still on antibiotics and longing for the day when I can run again),