Sunday, February 2, 2014

Great Scott! It's 2014?

I always say that one should never start New Year's resolutions in January.  And now it's February and I haven't sat down and wrote down my resolutions or anything.  But this year I'm cutting myself some slack as I've had some big changes (good, exciting things!).  I do recommend writing down goals, though.  I wrote some back in 2012 and it was awesome to look back and see I actually achieved some of the goals!  One of them was launching AmiableKitchen and, well, here we are.

I ushered in 2014 by migrating north to the verdant hills and pewter skies of Portland, Oregon.  I'm loving my new life here and exploring all that the beautiful Pacific Northwest has to offer!

Food and cooking still play a big role in my life and I'm so pumped to be in this great culinary land we call Portland!  I managed to get over 50 posts written last year (yes, I'm literally patting myself on the back right now) but have ambitions for more this year.  I think the focus of my recipes is going to be more on quick and easy ideas for the working folks who doesn't have a lot of time/energy to spend in the kitchen (ahem, aka me!).  Of course we'll keep it healthy too!  I have a Trader Joe's literally around the corner so expect to see some more TJ's love on the blog this year.

To kick things off, I've been selected to blog about eating plant strong for 28 days by the folks at Engine 2 Diet!  I am so excited and this is just the incentive/motivation I need to get back on the plant-strong track.  The past few months were tough and between holiday festivities, moving from California to Oregon, coming down with the-most-horrible-flat-on-my-back-and-sick-as-a-dog-flu-of-all-time, changing jobs, and generally my life being very topsy turvey, the healthy eating got pushed to the back burner.

But, by golly, it's 2014!  Let's do this thing!

Oregon winter wonderland!  It snows here, apparently.  Loving it!


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  1. Welcome to Portland! I stumbled across your blog from the Engine 2 challenge page. I live in nearby Hillsboro, and have been 100% plant based for about a year now. I'm really looking forward to see how these 28 days go for you!