Thursday, October 3, 2013

Whole Foods Thursday

I love Thursdays.  Not just because it means that tomorrow is Friday and then it's the weekend! 

I love Thursdays because my local Whole Foods has their $5 salad box deal 
and a free plant-strong cooking class.  Sweet!

I mean, I can't even make all these salads for $5.

Today I got a delightful black barley Greek salad, some kale salad, wasabi grilled asparagus, a garbanzo bean salad and a red quinoa salad with mango.  Totally plant-strong, vegan and delicous.

I came home and added some A-MAZ-ING avocado (it's called a Reed Avocado and they are seriously only in the store for a month.  They are so buttery!) and kalamata olives.  Dinner is served.  

I know Whole Foods gets a bad rap for being pricey--believe me, I know.  But check out to see what deals they offer during the week.  My Whole Foods also offers a whole pizza for $10 on Thursdays and they'll make a vegan one for you if you ask nicely.  

And since I am typing this blog post whilst in my pjs (which I promptly changed into once I got home from the aforementioned Whole Foods), I thought this quote was especially appropriate.  


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