Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Grocery Staples List

I LOVE grocery shopping.  No, I'm serious!  I really do!  All those wonderful ingredients just stockpiled and so neatly arranged on shelves and crisp produce arranged so lovingly and misted so carefully by the misters (misters that do turn on every time I am trying to wrestle some spinach out of the pile).

Now, confession:  I am notorious for merrily going to the grocery store (sans grocery list) thinking I will remember what I need.

Ahem.  Usually, I end up less-than-merrily heading back to aforementioned grocery store to pick up the item I forgot.

I'll chalk it up to being busy (and scatter-brained if we are going to be honest) but honestly it is a WASTE.OF.TIME to not get everything you need on one visit.

I whipped up a handy, dandy Grocery Staples List to help me remember the things that I normally buy on any given week.  Now, lest you all swoon at the number of items on my list, keep an open mind and remember that if I buy a jug of maple syrup on week, I won't have to buy it the next week (or will I?  Cue maniacal syrupy laughter.  I am exceedingly partial to waffles after all).

Lemon poppy seed waffles being liberally doused with syrup.
I promise, we'll have waffle week here on AmiableKitchen in the very near future.
But, all kidding aside.  These are the things that really do shape my menus most weeks.  Sometimes I will need a special veggie or two or a jar of something special (mango chutney, for example) so I'll just jot that on my list.  And while we are having this heart-to-heart conversation about grocery stores and menus and the like, let's all pledge that we will read through any recipes ahead of time so we can make sure to buy the proper ingredients.  Otherwise, we are eating waffles for dinner (not that I mind).

If you stick with your Grocery Staples list, you will gradually be stocking your pantry with items that you'll use on a daily or weekly basis.

Example:  I cook something with a can of black beans at least 2 times a month.  So I always make sure to grab a can of black beans if my black bean stash is looking low.

Here's the list all purdy-fied and ready for you to print.  Get thee shopping (with a list, that is)!

Grocery Staples List


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