Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Oregon Bucket List

I heart Oregon.

It's green.  It's beautiful.  And it's home to so many of the people I love.

My Oregon bucket list morphs each time I go but there are some usual constants.

1.  Stop and smell the roses.  Literally.  The flowers, ferns and foliage in Oregon are out of this world gorgeous.  Everything grows--and it smells heavenly.

2.  Get caffeinated at Full City Coffee Roasters in downtown Eugene.  They have perfected the art of coffee.

True, the coffee concoctions are the stuff dreams are made of (and I'm not even a real coffee drinker--just a wannabe).  But it's the moments spent with family that make the oh-so-smooth hazelnut latte go down even easier.

3.  Use Full City caffeine jolt to do something outdoorsy like run Pre's Trail @ Alton Baker Park or go for a walk downtown and enjoy the quirkiness (note hanging wooden birkenstock below).  Wait for caffeine crash and then take a nap.

4.  Always underestimate the weather and have to borrow various articles of clothing (preferably plaid) that add a certain flair to any photo op.  Anchors aweigh me hearties!

5.  Proceed to wear aforementioned article of clothing in many pictures.  Oh, and make and eat lots of yummy, yummy food.  Homemade donuts require complete concentration to prepare (whilst avoiding being splattered by hot oil).  Equal effort is required to decide whether they will be dusted with cinnamon sugar vs. powdered sugar.  Note the concentration being documented by my dear father's iphone.  Iphone + hot grease = recipe for disaster.

Of course the bucket list always includes wonderful meals and get-togethers with family, raucous laughter and multi-generational storytelling and musical offerings--we make our own soundtrack that rivals the crickets' song and the breeze that stirs melodiously through the trees.  Ahhh, pure Oregon.


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  1. Oregon is on my list of places to visit! It's beautiful.