Monday, June 3, 2013

Oh the Places You'll Go

Well said, Dr. Seuss.  

I love, love, love travelling.  Trips don't always have to be full of adventures.  They can be relaxing, peaceful, fulfilling.  Whether it's a beautiful national park, the Mediterranean, a family reunion or a local weekend gateway, travel soothes my soul.  Sometimes when I feel my life is small, I have to think back to some of the places I've been and count my lucky stars that I've been so fortunate to see amazing places.  But more important than the place itself, it's the memories that forever fix themselves into my being.  So many of my travels are linked to people who are dear to me and are a part of those wonderful memories.  Even moreso, travel stretches a person...gets one outside their comfort zone.  And that is such a GOOD thing!  I remember brushing my teeth on a train platform in Cairo (before taking an all-night train to Luxor), looking at the signs that were in a language I couldn't read or understand, really, really hoping we would get on the right train.  I thought to myself...I can do this!  That feeling has stayed with me.

Today's travel memory is from that time in Egypt circa 2005.  I spent 5 days there with four college comrades and I still consider it one of the best trips of all time.

So, even though I need to go mop my kitchen floor and put away laundry, just a quick walk down memory lane to remind me that my life is full.

Camel ride by Pyramids


Lawrence of Arabia


Valley of the Kings


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