Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My Top 5 Trader Joe's Carbs

Note to self:  Do not go to Trader Joe's hungry.  EVERYTHING looked amazing last night and $76 bucks later I was driving home.  Granted, some of the items I got were staples, like pecans and maple syrup which can definitely add up but last forever.

Sad story--I went to Costco before I went to Trader Joe's specifically to buy maple syrup.  I browsed around, ate a delicious double cream brie cheese sample, and got some other groceries.  I got up to the counter to check out and lo and card had expired in April.  I'd been debating if I should renew my card because I just don't get that many items from Costco so it's not really worth paying the membership fee.  So I left my items there at the checkout counter and walked out empty-handed.  Sadness.  Oh well, I got a delicious bite of brie cheese out of the deal.

So you see, I just had to buy the 5 lb. box of fragrant, crimson nectarines at Trader Joe's to help fill the void left by no longer having a Costco membership!

Despite my impulse buys, I did come away with some of my usual TJs wonderful-ness. 

These are my top Trader Joe's {Carbs} Picks.

1.  Whole wheat pitas.  {I use these to make pita pizzas, pita sandwiches with hummus & veggies or veggie burgers or mock tuna salad}

2.  Corn tortillas.  {So versatile.  I make tacos at least once a week and I think these are the best tortillas.  They smell soooo fresh and good!}

3.  AkMak Crackers.  {Best price in town for these little beauties.  Fabulous with hummus or peanut butter, honey and thinly sliced apples.}

4.  Bean and quinoa chips.  {Growing up we used to get TJ's bean chips--they were divine.  However, they stopped making them and we all cried our eyes out.  While these chips are a bit different they still remind me of the "good old days bean chips."  I purchase these for nostalgia's sake and also because they make insanely good nachos!}

5.  Trader Joe's Microwavable Brown Rice.  {Such a help when trying to throw something together for a quick supper.  I can make a rice and bean bowl or a lentils & rice combo with grilled veggies.  I also love warm brown rice with fruit, almond milk, cinnamon and a drizzle of maple syrup on top!}

Go get thee some carbs from Trader Joe's!


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