Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sweet 16 Old Hollywood Glam Party

"A party is a party" as Mr. Elton from Jane Austen's Emma would say.

But a Sweet 16 Old Hollywood Glam Party?  Fabulous dahling.

I had so much fun planning this shindig for my sister.  This is confirmation that you can throw an amazing party on a budget!  Total cost of decor, party favors {vintage headbands}and cake?  Less than 100 buckaroos!

The highlights of this party were the vintage headband making and homespun photo booth...

First, our inspiration.  I grew up with this classic gem and do love it so.

I used an amazing free printables website (they were actually for weddings but totally made them work for this event) to make the menus for the table and some photo booth props.  Free Printables

I kept the menu fairly simple, a light luncheon.  The cake was an awesome Groupon deal from a local bakery here in Orange County:  Cinderella Cakes 

My favorite food item?  The cute jello cups!  A breeze to put together and they looked so pretty.  We used vintage glassware my Grandma gave to my mom a couple summers ago.  Just make jello like you normally would.  Put in your first layer and throw in the freezer (not literally, mind you). Then add 2nd layer. While those are chilling, whip up remaining layer (we used peach) into a frothy frenzy. Spoon on as final layer and then chill.  The foam stays foamy and firms up nicely.  

The key to throwing a great party on a budget is to think outside the box.  With a little elbow grease (ok, I'll be honest, throwing parties is a lot of work but totally worth the outlay of time), you can create an event to remember!

All the guest put their thumb prints on a cute framed picture (also a free printable!) for the birthday girl.  

I was thrilled with the way everything came together!

Happy Birthday, Dearest.  Hard to believe you are 16 going on 17
(more like 25 if you ask me, you smart cookie, you.)


P.S. We had a beautiful candy buffet at the party designed by my amazing sis-in-law, Hannah {for some reason I have zero pictures of that on my camera--epic fail} Check out her website for your next event!

Dainty Delectables

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